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RCCS Ltd provides a premium cleaning service for your office and your home. Rather than cutting corners to keep costs down, our focus is on maintaining the highest standards of quality, with a clear emphasis on reliability, confidentiality and consistency.

Too often, cleaning companies promise much more than they deliver. All the assurances you're given at the start fade away to be replaced by a poor standard of work and customer service. Here, at Red Carpet Cleaning Services (RCCS Ltd), we do things differently. Based in Nottingham, we offer services throughout the surrounding areas.


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Tell us what you like, tell us what you don't like. We can take care of every aspect of your cleaning needs through our comprehensive services. To us, it's less about what we do and more about what you want. That's why we seek out your feedback to refine what our cleaners do and don't do. It's what makes Red Carpet Cleaning Services a refreshingly different kind of cleaning company.

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Facilities management and janitorial supplies in Nottingham

RCCS Ltd provides top-quality facilities management and janitorial supplies in and around Nottingham. Get in touch with us today.